Tips for Creating Learning & Development Plans for Staff in Organisations

A learning & development plan is an essential part of improving the overall environment of the workplace.Tips for staff development Created with a purpose of offering employees the skills needed so that they have the tools to reach their full potential, a learning and development plan also allows an employee to learn more about the company and its projected vision.

A company often provides its employees with a learning and development plan so that they can become skilled in project management, leadership development, professional skills enhancement, as well as being given the opportunity to learn more about the company and its products/services in detail. Learning and development plans are also created to help employees that may need some extra guidance in order to help them reach their full employee potential, with some of the more common areas addressed including employees that need improvement in their communication skills, people skills, and appropriate use of company time.

Creating a Learning & Development Plan

Every individual plan should consist of a list of (reachable) career-related goals that have a specific plan attached to each and every one of them. This allows the employee to not only easily comprehend the list of goals and objectives, they are able to follow the recommended strategy fully aware of what is expected of them. It’s important to understand that a learning and development plan is not set in concrete and can easily be adjusted, if needed. There are some specific suggestions and ideas for how to create a plan that is centered around the employee and what they can offer, so be sure to research them all in order to select the most suitable and appropriate ones, particularly time management & objective setting training

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Tips for Creating Learning & Development Plans

Employee Involvement. No one that will know what the employee’s needs are better than the employee. Involving employees with the creation of their learning and development plan

will make them feel like their opinion matters, and it does. Asking your employees to relay what their specific intentions are with the company will help both of start to set some specific goals with milestones in place for measurement purposes.

Employee Engagement

If this happens to be the employee’s very first learning and development plan, try to keep their intended goals to no more than four, which is considered to be an achievable number for new employees. Measures should include their strengths and weaknesses, a selection of appropriate skills to focus on, how much time is thought to be needed, and milestones in place to check on any and all progresses made.

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Offer Advance Training. As in every company, there are going to be some employees who are going to stand out from the rest. One of the ways you will be able to recognize this is be seeing who will be asking for additional and/or supplemental training materials with a purpose of learning as much as possible about the company. This shows their intentions of becoming a permanent part of the company and should be duly noted, and you consider accredited advanced skill development

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